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Infographic: Who Prefers What at Your CU


Who Prefers What at Your CU Infographic
Objective: Create visually appealing and cleanly organized infographic for the credit union community. A study titled “Access Preferences by Demographic Channel” obtained from The Raddon Group in 2012 was used as the data backbone for this project. Primary goal was for company to spread thought leadership among peers while also subtly selling product, which is a network of “shared” credit union branches. This is illustrated by the “branch” as being the majority leader across all demographics.

“Vintage” Marketing Campaign

“Vintage Campaign” 2012
Objective: Create a quarterly print (flyer, postcard, envelope insert) and web (banner) marketing campaign for credit unions to distribute to members. The campaign will spread awareness for a product that is very accessible, but not often known by customers due to a history of poor credit union marketing. Aesthetic should be friendly, inviting and have a community feel indicative of the credit union industry. Theme inspired by the revivial of lithographs in social media, i.e.

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Credit Union of Denver Print Flyer

Credit Union of Denver Print Flyer
Objective: Create print flyer to distribute to partner credit union, CU of Denver to bolster a specific type of loan. Target market is small and mid-sized business owners who may not have the time to leaf through a wordy brochure. Goal is to create a very concise, easily skimmed document that will catch interest, not overload them at first glance. Emphasis placed on key words and phrases caters to objective and creates typographic interest.

Aleah Connect Brand Identity

Aleah Connect Logo Design
Objective: Create brand identity for Aleah Connect, a fashion and beauty media/consultation company in Chicago, IL. Aleah, owner and TV fashion personality, desires a brand that would, first and foremost, establish herself as the face of the company. Secondly the brand must represent a warm, sofisticated, and trustworthy consultant different from the flaky personalities often seen in the style industry.

Print Flyer

CBT Print Flyer
Objective: Create a print flyer to distribute to partner Credit Union Leagues. Flyer should have a unique aesthetic, different from the standard conservative fare (low on images, high on text) typical of the credit union industry. Flyer will act as a “reminder” tool for credit unions who already have this product, not as a sales tool. Goal is to grab viewer’s attention and efficiently.


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